Saturday, November 22, 2008

Words and Pictures

"embrace" by beate emanuel
thief in the night

all but
the moon
and I hide
just as well
as anyone,
except tonight,
sheltered by
the crook
of your arm
and all its good
i've decided
to steal away
with you.
a.c. 04/08

"spirit of death watching" paul gauguin

spirit of death watching

face down
wretched soul
ankles crossed
just so
wishing to be
more open
backside to breeze
breasts to sheet
hair cascading
the pillow slip
where i lie
wishing to
tell the truth

a.c. 03/08

1 comment:

ssgreylord said...

the marriage between these two pictures and your words is beautiful and tangible. the simplicity is perfect.