Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm It!!!!

Word for the week in my head: Exacerbated. I don't know why but I love that word ...to increase the severity, bitterness, or violence of (disease, ill feeling, etc.); aggravate ... I know, probably not a good Monday word, but I love the word! The situation was exacerbated by ... his bad feelings only increased when ... yeah, I know, such a neggy, negative word, but I do so love it.

Thought for the week in my head: Shelving, and unpacking. Yeah, we've lived here a solid year, and I still have a few things to unpack to make it real. I have new shelves in my office, three!!!!, and room for all my books and papers and things, and most of it is unpacked now, but many of the books are sitting next to books that they don't belong next too, so I sort of hear this "murmuring" behind me, like a poetry book is mad because it's lodged between short fiction, and my college shelf and files wants to know why it got moved to the back of the room (and the back of my head) and I moved the work files and books closer to the desks, but the writing stuff is also close to the desk, so there is happiness in the room as well ... and the smell of new carpet!

Thing for the week in my life: To dig in, nest, reorganize and begin again. Thing one and thing two ... leads to thing three?!?!?!

Song for the week in my head: Old Hootie stuff, "Let Her Cry" ...

She sits alone by a lamppost trying to find a thought that's escaped her mind ...

Food for the week in my belly: Coffee, diet Pepsi and trail mix at my desk.

Colour(s) for the week in my life: The sky is gray-blue, my new carpet is a deep dark reddish, burgundy-ish bruised purple.

Smile for the week on my face is: Walter in his hooded sweatshirt.

Blessing for the week in my heart: Love hard!


candy said...

Yes, you are IT! In so many more ways than one.

I love the smell of new carpets... and I'm sure that Walter in his sweatshirt would make me smile too. btw, who is Walter?

Welcome to the wonderful world of the blog... I know that you're gonna love it once you get going.

Also, thanks for doing this for me. I promise I won't nag you anymore. Maybe just a little bit...

Dave said...

Very good one, I wish I could write like that. If I only had the time too :o)

Anne Cunningham said...

oh, i feel like sally field at the academy awards! you like me, you really like me!

i have arrived in blog-land ... and dave must still be out of beer because he thinks he can't write. poor fella!

candy, as always, i swear we were separated at birth. ;)

Dave said...

you might be confusing me with another dave, if I drink beer it is just one, I have not written anything original it is all copy and paste.
If I knew what to write I would not have time cuz my boss keeps looking over my shoulder to see what I am doing ;(
I post lotsa funny stuff that I get in email :o)

Anne Cunningham said...

Oh, I know, I had bloggitis and too many blogging men on my brain. I had you confused with Greg, which is not to say that you are one and the same ... but probably you can write you doth protest too much ... but I get the boss looking over the shoulder ... I don't have one of those. A boss, I mean. I have shoulders, duh, otherwise I'd look a bit weird. ;)

Dave said...

yes, you might look weird without shoulders ;o)

candy said...

just giggling.

this is fun :)

Dave said...

yes, lotsa fun :o)