Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Currently Cheating ... a bit ....

Cold Within

In shadow,
in estrangement,
entangled in this loom,
I long to move freely
about our shared space
and wonder, I do,
how it got this way
the din of silence,
loud unsaid reasons,
why we can't find
the words to weave
back together.

... dunno, just playing with words ... and now for a random wordy blog entry:

A. I hope you hugged a Veteran yesterday. There are more out and about than you could possibly know. I bet every other person next to you ... well almost, but I personally know quite a few, so I bet you do to.

B. Hug your child today, hug your husband/wife, hug your boyfriend/girlfriend, kiss the dog and call your grandparents, and feel lucky this day and every day. My middle daughter called me yesterday to report the sadness that a student in her campus classes had been shot in part of a shooting rampage/jealous rage thing that had actually taken place over several days before the guy turned himself in. This man just happened to be in the right place at the wrong time.

Sad, hard to comprehend.


Repeat the above ... hug your child, hug your husband, boyfriend/girlfriend, rinse and repeat! I'm not kidding. Life is too short! And those people that maybe you aren't especially speaking too, there is a fine line between love and hate, right? So keep that place for them too.

C. The weather, has become frightful but I find it delightful. Walter will not go out without first surveying the frosty ground and blowing hot air out his little nose, and you'd be amazed at how fast he can do one and find a place for two at 6 a.m. I don't think he remembers snow, even though when he came into this world that's all there was for the first 6 months of his life! And then there were grasshoppers!

D. Skewed world view ... It sleeted/snowed last night, and when I looked over the street and down the unconstructed (as yet) hill, on down into the circle of new duplex homes below us, the circle drive fronting the duplex community was wet and shiny, the yard/street lamps were on, and it looked like a skating rink!

E. The many ways of saying I love you. Ali came down to my office last night to do something, and borrow an envelope, and as always asked if she'd be interrupting anything, and I said no, but then she asked me a question and I said, "Okay, don't ... you are doing that thing again where you are talking." And then we both laughed! Yeah, so much for concentrating, but I probably needed the break in my brain pan.

p.s. Ali usually is down here with me most evenings, but unfortunately her room exploded into freaky messydom, and so I have to do the tough-love thing!!!!! and she was banned from lying on the rug listening to my crazy work noises and voices and rolling on the floor suppressing giggles. Yeah, my work is just that fun and nutzo!

Okay, that's it ... now ...
... Remember what I said ... hug a Veteran even today, heck EVERY DAY!, while there is still time, and grab up the rest of those you love and feel lucky, and think about every shiny road like it's a skating pond, and see where that gets you.

Or something like that ...

Peace out!

P.S. For Candy ... Walter is a teddy bear pup! Yeah, he's massive and threatening, all 7 pounds of his cute little face! I should, of course, put more into my profile and introduce the characters who partner in my daily crimes ... but in due time! Thanks again for forcing me into this. I had intended to do it at some point, beyond my myspace blogginess (though if anyone checks, you can tell that this one too is sort of a repeat of that ... but I'll become more orginal soon, I swear it!)

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candy said...

Perfect start to my day. It's as if you were reading my mind because I was just talking out loud to myself as I was driving home from dropping Robert (my son) at school. I was saying something about being lucky... being so very lucky to be living the life that I live and sharing it with the people who share it with me. Synchronicity - I swear.

Hug Walter for me. He sounds adorable. And say hi to Ali too. A messy room is a sign of a clean mind :)

Happy Thursday. Xx