Thursday, November 13, 2008

With or Without Shoes ...

I was feeling hard-pressed to either update my profile in such a manner that my future posts would be better understood, and/or writing a blog that sort of introduced myself in the hopes that future blogs would make more sense ... or the third option, just blog my ass off and whatever became apparent was cool and whatever remained in the dark, well, that's just what so happens in the progression of blogging or journaling, right?!!? Some things swirl in the mirk and don't ever surface, or they surface in places where you don't realize you haven't really said them, but alluded to them all the same.

So, this blog will be a combination of the above as I continue it in the manner that I have half-assedly started it ....

... It's Thursday.

When I got up this morning I thought it was Wednesday.

When I got up this morning, it was actually late morning, almost noon, and also the second time I had been "up," since I rose earlier to drive my daughter to school in s sleep grog around 7 am.

The reason I had gone back to bed was because I didn't initially go to bed the night before, until this morning at 430 a.m.

Okay, thinking back, maybe I drove my kid to school. I don't always know on these mornings what actually transpired when I think back over things upon my second arousal.

My schedule can at times be off the wall, by my own methods, with a sprinkling of madness.

Why is this? Well it's because of the following bliss:

I work at home. I have for the last 20+ years, lucky me! Let me say that again LUCKY ASS ME!!!!

(I may or may not dive into the sprinkled madness issues until later.)

Suffice it to say, most days I don' t have to put on shoes, unless I really, really want to, and unless I'm actually going somewhere that has signs posted that say, "No shoes, no shirt, no service."

If I'm not going out, it doesn't really matter, and if I'm only going out to the drivethrough for a turbo-brewed coffee, the clerk at the window has no idea that under my sweatshirt I'm wearing purple polar bear-printed pajamas, that I'm barefoot, and that my dark glasses are covering up a giant sleep blanket crease that has marked my face because I've only been up for ten whole minutes after what seemed like possibly eight short minutes of sleep.

And it's no one's business, any day of the week, what kind of methods or madness I follow in accepting and/or denying a job contract (case in point, I usually am accepting because I'm kind of a whore with what I do, because I love it, and I love getting paid for it!).

I am my own boss and, again, lucky!

There are only three people left in my household; my 15-year-old daughter, my boyfriend, our one-year-old teddy bear pup and tank of freshwater fish.

My boyfriend travels a lot for work. My daughter, of course, goes to school. My dog is a year old, well-trained and just a dorky presence about the house, and the fish require no real undivided attention.

So I can work off the charts, all different hours, come what may, in whatever manner I choose.

Shoes and socks are always optional.

Caffeine is a must.

Or I can take part of the day off and go hang with my older daughter, and one, two or all three of the grandchildren gals, depending on who is in school or not ... or drive off 90 minutes to the college town and Capital city of my birth and see my middle daughter, and/or just sit and spin things if I want with no real direction or purpose (we might be touching on the sprinkling of madness there).

That being said ... this blog is done, and a teaser it was, in that it has launched and opened a few subject areas, and left some skeletons fully cloaked in various closets.

I will give up this additional bit of at-the-moment info. though ... I got rid of the pjs today at noon, am fully dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt, I am wearing socks, but I do not plan on wearing shoes today, and will again be going to bed tonight, except it will be very early in the morning.

Catch me if you can.

Rinse and repeat.

Life is good, and I am a lucky duck, suffice it to say.

(I am also hoping to spend more time here at to link to other blogs, etc. and continue the networking. Has been fun so far, and look how my twin-separated-by-years-despite-our-shared-birth sister, Candy, is beaming since this blog's inception! And right now she's thinking, oh, girlfriend!!!!!, I so totally get the barefoot thang!

In cheek!


candy said...

Precisely! You are so... me.

Anne Cunningham said...

No, you are so me! ;)