Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What happens on a run stays on a run!

This next piece is for my lover-butt significant other. He's been teasing and teasing, about still no really good collages about motorcycles. I came up with this one last night, and the images (believe it or not) are from a vintage McCalls magazine that I've been tearing the heck out of, over and over again, and there are oddly STILL PAGES LEFT! Woot.

I also managed to work in a Honda joke, because we all know "real men ride Harleys," or so I have heard.

--------------And I also managed a quote from "Sons of Anarchy" about "what happens on a ride [staying] on a ride," which tell the character Gemma that (love Katie Sagal!!!) when she found out (as if her own menopause symptoms were NOT ENOUGH!!!) that Clay (Ron Perlman/excellent!!!) ... well, er ... um, he tried to understand her symptoms and "dry" condition, but he got his member sucked on a recent run!

Gemma broke the woman's nose, and had some pretty choice words to say when Clay found out she was in jail.

(Go Gemma/Katie Sagal ... woot!!!! ... yeah, you can tell, I'm hooked on the show and the writing!)

Anyways ... managed to get that in there too and then scanned my collage and tweaked it a bit, and here's the fun part. The photo program I'm using is at, and I'm just flying by the seat of my photo-tweaking ass, because I'm just messing around over there.

There are these great APPLY, UNDO and REDO buttons which are really cool, so if you tweak too far or too much, you can go back and fix and not lose something you liked.

------------And I just noticed last night that you can save a before and after (side by side) view of each tweak too, so DOY!!!! that will make my life easier now.

I didn't know the "collage a day" would take off. I've been collaging for over five years, probably longer if I look back at old journals and realize I was doing a little bit along all the way ... but anyways, I have done some fairly decent larger pieces, and altered some items and done some special orders for people (projects and such).

But ------------ I also kind of let it sit off to the side and rot when I get busy (translation: when I'm probably really stressed or depressed and most need to be doing art!!!).

Recently, I picked it back up again, on a mission, and found that doing one a day has really improved my mood and my method of handling the madness of each and every day.

So last night's piece was frosting on the cake, because the last tweak I did made me actually speak out loud at 1:00 a.m and say, "Holy F! He's going to love this!"

With all my messing around, APPLY, UNDO, REDO ... last night it was CROP, CLICK, a few little tweaks and such in the fun CREATE section at Piknik and yeah, so I was celebrating out loud!

Before I show you the pic, I'll tell you with my he-man, Clay-like (a.k.a. my own big sweetheart and softy) said when I sent him the scan (he travels during the week).

His exact words, when I told him this one, which is 8x10 now, will be blown up and framed poster-size for his growing garage art (NASCAR, Harley and other dumb stuff) and he said:

I could get used to seeing this hanging around ... although, I'd have to say it's not quite rough and tough enough. (or some such rot, trying to say he loved it, but hello?!?!?!??! it's girlie collage art!)

And my response was, well, I can spray beer all over it, but you hate when people waste beer!

And now the piece that made me speak outloud at 1:00 a.m. this morning:
this like many of the others
you may have to click on it to see the larger image. :)


neogondawanna said...

haha. wow amazing colors. i went to a bike night at a local restaurant/bar last night. i didnt fit in lol. i kept repeating what would happen if i rolled up in my old vespa. oh, the judgements from the military culture that would shower me. haha.
i suppose if i decided to pull into that parking lot of a vespa, i would first have to go with the beer spray method. like you said, manly, but surely wasteful. mmmmmm.
oh and by the way, if you end up checking out my other blog, it portrays the asshole subconcious that sits inside of me. its mostly poking fun at people who spend a lot of time on anonymous chat boards. craigslist and such. it gives me a twisted kick and mysteriously enough, i have more email subscriptions and hits with that one. haha.


Anne Cunningham said...

i will definitely check out your other blog.

years ago, i built a fake profile of a woman and made her be from our local zipcode on yahoo.personals.

basically, she was me but a sarcastic me, never married, no kids, and blonde.

i found a picture to go with it too. i named her honey wheeler which was the name of a rich, spoiled girl in the "trixie beldon" mysteries i read when i was in elementary school.

so basically she was a tall blonde weird, writer, arsty hippy freaky woman in the midst of our redneck village, and NO ONE KNEW!!! until the ad went live.

originally i was going to compile the comments and note the reponses, response types and stuff based on her picture and what they read. i thought it would be fun to do a writeup on it on authorsden, which was way before i really actively blogged.

i had done online dating and it can "work" but i made this ad well over the top, and Honey
Wheeler, was so "perfect" and arsty (and i suppose f'able in ever way) that the responses were off the charts.

men responded with "i'll be here at local such and such pub, just come on out," (because they would wait FOREVER till she arrived) and/or gave their full names, phones, pagers and work voicemail numbers, etc. etc.

some of the full names i circuit court searched and found guys who said they were single who were still married, and/or guys who said they were divorced but happy, but had restraining orders on them, etc. etc. it was OFF THE CHARTS!

there was legitimate interest too. i even endured live chat with a few of the men, but then it got so overwhelming with comments and responses that i had to shut Honey Wheeler down. it got way too big to even write about, a big fake internet dating monster!

it was very enlightening. stuff like that is a riot. i obviously use the computer 24/7 in various ways, work, play and multiple letters per day to al gore for inventing the internet in the first place, so i've seen plenty of positive things and love to joke about the flip sarcastic side of the web, so i'll be very interested to read what your subconscious inner asshole ... we all have one.

----and my significant other, 20-years retired navy guy, reported "bad-ass" supreme, harley owner, etc. would get a kick out of it too, and the part about arriving on bike night with the old vespa!

it's that way with people-- outwardly they throw their balls around, but inwardly they are some of the most stable, loving, committed and responsible human beings on he planet.

so before reading your blog, if i told him about it, my sig other would say something like, "blogs are so stupid i can't see straight," or "facebook is for idiots," and then all of a sudden he'll make reference to a blog or same-such, and last week he was all like, "Oh, my aching ass, a bunch of navy guys are hooking up on facebook!"

yeah, and i was all like, "oh, i thought blogs were for stupid f's and that facebook was for idiots!"

but that was before he realized the navy had docked on facebook, and then he was okay with it because he's really not going to "go on facebook much."

everybody's famous-assed networking last words, right?!?!?!?


neogondawanna said...

haha. everybodys famous-assed networking last words. lol.
what a punch line!
wow. ive been comtemplating doing the same with a fake me and documenting the responses but i am horrible at throwing game and even just simple flirting. id probily do better as a fake woman. lol. and yeah, the town i live in is flooded with lonely soldiers looking for the old "in out, in out" (i watched a clockwork orange for the millionth time last night again). i dont smoke but my girl friend and had her long lost friend stayed the night last night and theyre fans of herbal goods. i decided to be an entertainer and suggested that movie. excellent film all the way.
but anyways, i think i aught to do that for my new other blog. generate some more material, because rediculous personal ads start sounding the same after a while.
im only 20 and have tried online dating a little. mostly just finding a girl with same music tastes as me on myspace that lives in my town and hanging out eventually. it always turns out that i dont have game. lol. errrr. i guess girls like guys that are forward and im a bit too old fashioned. somehow.
what should my alias be for a sheisty internet dating charactor?