Sunday, November 15, 2009

illusions ... and habits/it takes 30 days to make or break one!

This would be day 30 of the "do some collage art or altered something every day." You do anything for thirty days and it's a habit, official and a real part of you. This can be good things you do 30 days in a row, or this could be bad things. But if you haul off and do them 30 days solid, hello?!?!?! Habit.

I am now doing art every day.
I am writing every day.
I am working every day (already did that ... but important to fit the other stuff in too).
I am making sure to be healthy inside and out every day.
I'm not afraid to show my feelings every day, and in the last 30 days (inside and outside my art and/or writing) I have put words to a lot of feelings. Finally.
I am sleeping soundly every night.
I wake up and am glad to be alive.

Rinse and repeat ... I'm going for another 30 days, and then another, and then another and ...


neogondawanna said...

i couldnt sleep last night and decided that i will finally watch the movie, american beauty.
and now i just read this blog.
its been a handful of days since ive logged onto here. i'm glad that this post was here today.
keep the collages coming.

ooo. and a friend of mine is starting a photoblog and i figure to help with some promotion.

thats her most recent post. she and i walked around town to take pictures and she respectively called it dirty town, from a song title.


Anne Cunningham said...

wow, thanks, for the comments ... i've added your photo project friend too. i like her take on getting pictures from a place she's lived in for "like forever" and since there are no so-called trendy and beautiful haunts, she went for the grunge.