Tuesday, November 3, 2009

there is no such time, only change ...

kind of a horrific and quick scan but the gist of it is:

But as she has gorwn, her smile has widened with a touch of fear and her glance has taken on depth. Now she is aware of some of the losses you incur by being here--the extraordinary rent you pay as long as you stay. --annie dillard

.... the original is 8x10 and a bit more readable


neogondawanna said...

your work reminds me of when a friend of mine would send me postcards from where she was. she would make amazing collages using news articals and pictures she took with her lomo using a color splash.
these are fantastic. im glad i stumbled upon you.

Anne Cunningham said...

thank you so much for your comment. i think we all must be collage artists at heart. and your comment about your friend's postcards is proof. over the years, we all tuck photos between the pages of a book, or movie tickets on a bulletin board in among the other notes and stuff, and it's all very collage-like. i'm so glad you came around. these are doing me a world of good, and so i'm glad to hear someone else is smiling too! thanks so much.