Monday, November 2, 2009

... day of the dead.

a note on the collages:
they've obviously taken off on the daily basis, and it's never a struggle or an exercise i feel threatened to complete, otherwise listen to my own self chastise my self to death. that hasn't happened yet. i look ever forward to them. and soon i'm going to have to start compiling them in some kind of scanned book of prints since the actual collage and then some of the tweaking and stuff, they start out as one thing and then turn into something completely different.

today's was a perfect example of that. it's original glue and paper and paint and such and stuff and then some tweaks with the depth and color and they are two different pieces, so that's a fun aspect to it all as well>

thing are never quite as they seem, and yet things are starting to follow kind of a daily theme and then they all pile up with an odd cohesion.

the day:, i'm sort of feeling like a "a whole in the head fred" [egg sandwich] day of the dead head, but this too shall pass.

'twas a busy monday, that's for absolutely sure. busy on all fronts, incoming wounded and patch casualties heading out to continue the fight ... sometimes mondays are like that where i'm working, playing, creating and basically "multi-tasking" my rear-end right off, while simultaneously balancing incoming calls and of course eating more leftover tootsie rolls from halloween than it is even possible to count.

tonight, ali and i laid out a great feast on the glass top table on the deck, under the full moon with our usual bay leaf floating in broth, a cup of tea with ginger, little bowls of sugar and cream, candles and incense sticks.

the air was crisp, the cups and bowls steaming, our cheeks crimson from the cold, and it all feels good.

nothing is ever gone, just gone deeper.

i feel that way about the papers i tear up and destroy to make yet another image, and i feel that way about the people i have lost in this life, those just to the side of things behind that filmy curtain, just out of our reach ...

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