Sunday, October 18, 2009

Something or other every day ...

I have blog-anxiety, like if I don't post something worthy the bloggy police come and rap you really hard on the knuckles with a #2 pencil.

However, to keep my twisted mind centered, I've decided to do a "collage and/or an altered something" every day. I started yesterday.

I'm sure it will only last two or three days before I go to bed again FOR GOOD! ... but we'll see.

In any event, here was yesterday's collage, a whimsical affair since I mixed two seasons together; the weather has been just that way.

It's done on a piece of cardboard after the last note sheet was torn off ... so it's about 3 x4 inches in real time! It's been scanned and tweaked, and that is not to say that they will all be scanned and then tweaked ... some will post in their original state, and/or before and after the tweak, but this was just to get the party started.

This one, other than that, is basically one media and one magazine for that matter (the April 2009 copy of the woman's magazine "First") and then I Brother-labeled in the ... SNOW!!!!

Today's collage is done on a teeny, tiny piece of corrugated cardboard, just slightly smaller than a debit card, and was also pretty much magazine and paper tears, and once again the Brother label maker hit the scene. I may or may not tweak this one some more and make it into a fridge magnet. We'll see how I stick to this ...

This may end up as a pile of collaged pieces that will then need gel medium to seal them or whatever, I will become overwhelmed and then stab myself in the eye with a glue stick!

You just never know with me, that's all I'm saying ...

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