Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Flower Bud(weiser) Shop!

The collage above really doesn't count as a true hands-on, torn paper affair.

I did it all with a photo and a photo create program as a joke because my beloved had posted on my FBook this week, "How come no motorcyle collages."

And so that was pretty much a "double-dog-dare" for me to take a picture of his motorcycle and doctor it a bit.

I did intend to do it entirely freehand, tearing and beating the band with my gluestick, but today was a busy day and so I had to rush it a bit. (TRANSLATION: My future muminlaw got home from the hospital today and I was her escort! Woooooooooooooooooooooooot!)

To save time, to get back at my lover-butt, and to keep with my "collage a day"-ing, before I do any work ... I hauled ass over to piknic photo and doctored this one up in their photo collage program.I took the "Man Cave" and showed it for what it really is, a pretty, pretty flower shop!

I was going to cut and paste a Tampax banner over the original "Bud"weiser car hood, but I didn't want Mark to have an aneursym.

He's traveling, and he lives in fear when he's gone that one of us is going to go out into the Man Cave and wreck something!

Seriously, the man dusts for our prints when he comes back through the electronic garage door!

I am not kidding you one single bit ... and now ... The Flower Bud Shop:

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