Wednesday, October 21, 2009

perplexity ...

Today's collage is on the backside of a trading card from a box of hokey romantic cards called "Love Gestures." This is my altered version of the back side of the card, using torn scraps and the image from another book on "love" (and that was the title/no CAPs) where I found a page on flowers and their meanings within the realm and world of romance:

The reverse side of the card has the unaltered advice:

WRITE IN THE SNOW ... after the first snowfall, write "I love you" in the snow so it can be seen from the window. Draw big red hearts in the snow by adding red food coloring to water and painting it on the snow."

My first thought, RED FOOD COLORING?!?!?!?!

Seriously, red hearts in the white snow, how bloody, blood-blood, would that look. A person looking out, would then glance back in and wonder whether to tell their mate that some crazed-assed stalker-type has written "I love you" in the yard, surrounded by bloody hearts!

I mean, come on! Red works for actual cut-out hearts on construction paper and those little cinnamon things you put on holiday cookies, but sprayed all over a fresh snowfall?!!?!?

Hello?!?!?!?? BLOOD! Not so romantic sprayed all over the snow!

So, had I altered this side of the card, I would have changed the continued advice to "Draw big purple hearts in the snow by mixing red and blue food coloring together and painting it in the snow," but then I freaked that "purple hearts" are meant for those brutally wounded in the course of battle, and realized that this is why people just make snow angels and call it a night!

Love, life, and the rest of it ... it's f'ing complicated, and a box of "Love Gestures," from what I can see so far, is not going to help.
~ 'peace out

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