Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vacation Said and Done ...

... returned from the woods yesterday. it struck me as weird, but i was really tired and almost drugged feeling when i got home, and i wasn't the one driving. i merely sat, slouched, napped and did not even read for the entire four-hour drive home.

i did some work when i got here, as well as running a quick errand. i had a cocktail at 5pm which was no different than while i was away. i did not, however, follow it with another and another on past midnight, and then sleep for 10 straight hours, but i did sleep well.

i hit the ground running this morning as well. more actually, construction has begun across the street on a new home, and the men were back putting finishing touches on the deck, and mark was out there putting up new lighting, so i woke to hammering, machines, bulldozers and dump trucks. ... twas most unlike my experience in the woods, swimming up from sleep each morning at exactly 10:30 to a chilled room, the sounds of birds and the lake lapping at the shoreline. however, there was still good coffee left in the pot, and on my run out to see my daughter yesterday she sent me home with a yummy plum crumble which i had with my coffee before work.

i worked. i ran errands and did some things with my youngest and eldest daughter. at 5pm i cooked dinner and had a cocktail ... again, not to be followed by another and another until bedtime, because we are back in the real world. mark chhanged oil in the vehicles, puttered more around the property, got a haircut, etc. etc. ... what guys do on that "extra day" they tack onto the end of their vacation. i never take that extra day. i should leaern to do that. instead, i fall face-forward into multi-tasking again.

one of my favorite quotes i came across while on vacation was, "Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back your work, your judgment will be surer."

i'm not sure that's exact in my case, but i hope so. i really tried to fall back, sit, and reassess things in order that i proceed, not with caution, but with some kind of plan. we'll see.

i did relax. i did rest ... which reminds me of another quote i happened upon while away, "now, blessings light on him that first invented sleep! it covers a man all over, thoughts and all, like a cloak."

i did sleep. a lot! deeply. magically and without dreaming! i loved that cabin bedroom, launched into that bed every night like it was the deepest, darkest ocean, and slept deep!

the quotes above are from leonardo da vinci (the first) and cervantes, the latter.

the reality ... i still have an awful lot upon my plate ... the plan, attack it with some semblence of organization and a smattering of joy if at all possible.

the cabin in the woods ... i shall think of it often ... i would have stayed another week and very well could have since there is wireless, but alas i have to get a kidlet ready for the opening session of school.

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