Monday, August 24, 2009

day 5 (last day) and day 6 (driving home) ...

approximately a zillion years ago in the history of my life, i used to leave the small wisconsin town i lived in and spend 6 to 8 weeks deep in the woods working for the department of natural resources in varying regards. my encampment was, in fact, less than two hours away from my home, but it was also a million miles away and then some in so many needed regards during my teen years from 15-18.
i remember when i'd come back home after the summer away, deep in the woods, among kettles and kames, along the great lake shores and all the other places the dnr would send us for our daily work. when i'd get back into the car with my parents, the car seemed compact, cramped and stifling in comparison to the work vans we traveled in, the constant singing and laughing, and hi-ho'ing or way to and from work each day. and when i'd get home the ceilings of our house would seem very, very low when compared to the a-frame-ish cabins i stayed in and the great outdoors i was a part of each and every day; even when we camped on weekends, we did so with just the stars above.
so for various emotional and physical reasons, coming home was always very, very difficult.
when we left our cabin in the woods this morning, i snapped this picture in the circle drive. by the time saturday morning had arrived, mark and i and our little dog were alone in the group of cabins, and last night well after dark, alone on the lake. this morning when we left, there was sun pouring through the trees and eagles flying overhead. last week when we arrived, it was misty and raining.
the week both went very, very slowly and very, very fast all at the same time.
after our four-hour sun-shiny drive home, during most of which i napped, i was surprised at how large our house felt when i stepped inside, how high the ceilings were, and how our voices practically echoed from wall to far wall in comparison to our cabin where we spent the last many days, a cabin which i laughed to myself easily could fit in our garage, and we'd still be able to get another car in.
it was funny to think of that now, how expansive my house/home seems now as opposed to the "cramped" nature of my house growing up, and how i felt pinched and stifled when i'd come home from the woods instead of rested. i had more regret than rejuvination.
so in that way, i felt almost as if i had traveled full-circle somehow this last few days, getting away, but not lamenting the return home, not feeling stifled or stressed, happy to have both places and both experiences ... and so i'd say "vacation well done."

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