Sunday, April 26, 2009

Seventh Heaven

As I dragged, drugged, dragged (?!?!?) myself out of bed this morning, and to my desk, to an enormously worded project that is nearing 70 pages, due back to a client tomorrow, I decided to read “my blogs” first, my internet buddies in writing crimes who help to wipe the sleep from my eyes and the cobbywebs from my brain.

I was touched, tickled and pleased to see that Candy had listed her seven favorite things, to which and to behold, at the very end she listed her seven favorite blogs, and I and my blog were among her favorites.


In short order, I attacked the “assignment” attached to this honor, which was to list my own seven favorite things, and also my own favorite seven blogs. I decided to attempt the task IMMEDIATELY, without reading any further blogs, so that my list would be truly off the cuff, and so it goes:

My Seven Favorite Things:

1. The smell of books. I sniff the pages of every book I choose from the library, receive as a gift, find at a book sale or bookstore, and when a book comes via, as soon as I get it out of the bubble wrap, I sniff it.

2. A giggle that catches in the back of someone’s throat, just at the point that they catch their breath, and then the cascade of new giggles that ensues. (This is especially lovely in babies and children; however, when a grown adult returns to this state where they can waterfall a giggle storm, that’s also pretty incredible.)

3. Snow, thunder snowstorms, rain, thunderstorms, dewdrops, raindrops, snowflakes, snow.

4. Peonies.

5. The effortless, amazingly fulfilling, reciprocal & unconditional love that exists between my true self and my children/grand-children, hugging and kissing their warm cheeks and scalps, squeezing their shoulders and ultimately sending them on their way.

6. Great lakes, oceans and white rapids.

7. Dark, rich, glistening bean coffee, freshly ground, brewed, arriving in my favorite mug w/one sweetener pack and poofy, sea-foamy skimmed milk atop … and if not available, top shelf gin.

........And my favorite blogs, alphabetically, and so sorry, while I’m no good at embedding links and such, so this list will look so messy:

Alphabetically, we have:

Blynd_Poets blog … and when you get there, you will realize that he has only one post, a poem, circa five months ago. I have urged him, over and over, to blog-out and off the map, so we’ll see. I could direct you to his and/or myspace blogs but it’s all poetry, and you can easily google him, but I think we should all sit on our hands and wait for him to blog out in full sentences, if and when he is ready.

Revellian … … I love-love love!!!!! Bobby’s blog, and I’m a huge lurker now because, while I can at times coherently comment on his posts, I most often times (and think I have at least twice) commented, “Can I just spend one night up inside your head! Just one night!” And you realize, if you post that comment three or more times, it’s blog-stalking, but really, Bobby, if you are reading this, can I?!?!??!?! …. pretty please, just one night!

Simply Breakfast …. …Jen used to post pictures of her breakfast EVERY DAY! … but now, not so much, but she has some new stuff since she just recently went to Paris where the breakfasts were to die for, and to take pictures of.

Simply Photo …. … This is Jen’s photo blog. I find both of her blogs to be the most relaxing and centering blogs on the internet, so much so that if she ever writes that she is “stressed” or “overwhelmed” or having a bad day, I have to blink twice and allow her that.

Taste with Your Eyes … Just “go there,” and taste with your eyes! I’m not kidding you!

Why Moms Drink Rum …. …. Just go there, and you will find honesty, real life and meandering such as, “Today sucked ass. Not even human ass. It sucked big slimy orangutan ass folks. They don't wipe.” Holly is a real, live riot!

Writing to Survive … ... I love Jennifer, inside and out, and she has an especially real and articulate way of putting her insides on paper.

And of course, Candy, who listed me among her favorite blogs, but I can’t put her in my list of seven, or she’d have to list seven more of her favorite things, and seven more favorite blogs, and then this would be like the blog song that never ends. Thanks, Candy, dearest.


Bobby said...

Hi Anne! Because of my psychic intuition, I came here because a flash of light wreathed my cerebellum, telling me to come here immediately. Thank you so much for the compliments, it really make my night! I'm a big fan of the coffee too. I actually enjoy the aroma of fresh ground coffee beans than I do in drinking it. Thanks again and have yourself a wonderful week ahead:)

Anne Cunningham said...

oh, poo, i was in my stocking feet, whilst perusing the roofspaces of your skull, but i guess next time i should dim the flashlight! this brain-stalking thing is painstaking, don't you know. ;)