Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday's Addition to the "Stick to This" List ...

The "Stick to This" list thus far:

1. Do things while you still hate yourself. (A Barbara Sher-ism)

2. Pick up where you left off.
...Today, that means finishing my share of the laundry and putting the master bedroom walk-in closet in order, a task (the closet) I began three weeks ago or more.

While I made decent progress, putting in shelves, laying in more hangers and storage bags, etc., there are still two baskets of "keep or throw" clothes and items sitting in the bedroom and a few misc. things left to be done.

I tend to leave stuff like this "sit" when my brain goes numb, and I can't for the life of me get it, and any half-started task, all moving again.

As well, I've been knitting of late ... A LOT!!!! While I purchased new yarn for a throw and some pillows, I do have a large wicker bin full of yarn and one or two unfinished projects stored in the basement.

I love crocheting, but haven't knit in a million years. Admittedly, a few weeks ago when I picked up the knitting needles and some floofy yarn at the local craft market, to make this throw and some pillows, I was sheepishly thinking, I bet I knit one, purl two and then drop the whole mess and don't pick it up again. I suck butt!

My brain can be like this when it's groggy and bogged down and depressed as hell.

However, the opposite occurred when it came to the yarn. I've picked it back up, a lot! I completed the throw and the pillows and am confident that I will sort the wicker bin and complete the unfinished projects, while also making plans for new ones. Woot. Baby steps.

Additionally, my 7-year-old grand-goddess, Ruth, spent this week with me/us. While she was here I finally unpacked some old dress-up clothes and dolls that my daughters (the eldest being her mommy) used to play with.

It was fun spending time with Ruth, apart from her sisters this week, getting to know every unique little thing about her, sharing thoughts and making plans for the "next time" we get to be alone together. I'm looking forward to additional times like this as the girls get older, and taking advantage of seeing them not only as a threesome/sister cluster, but also each alone.

I could have just as soon as left all the old stuff packed up, talking about it now and then, saying I'd "get to it," but this week, I got to it, and the results were ten-fold.

While I've accummulated a number of new toys and such for the grand girlls, it was amazing to watch her go through the old stuff, imagining her way through several play days, but also hearing and asking additional questions about what her Mommy did when she was little, etc.

It was extremely empowering to have finally "dug out and gone through the old toys and stuff!"

And t
hat's pretty much what number two on my "Stick to This" list is all about, as part of my ongoing process ... "digging out and going through old toys and stuff!" It totally works, dude!

Of additional note: ... additionally, this is a link to my myspace blog ... it covers the time spent with Ruth, which was uplifting (as always with my kids and grandgirls) and also an integral part of my week and reminder as to my soul's makeup.

And ...........................................................> Walter took up immediate residence on top of the blanket from row one until the 6-foot long end!

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