Monday, December 8, 2008

The Art of Timing

The Art of Timing

Why when I had left
this front-most room,
off to bed in solitude,
the embers in the fire,
long-gone cold and ashen;
why have you entered now
through the far-most door,
the lock I’d long since thrown,
rusted out and worn clear through,
crashing to bits and pieces,
when you said hello?
the poem is a fresh wound, the picture i took and tweaked a bit 2004; lived in that house '81-86, cold, cold winds ... wyoming.


ssgreylord said...

this one tells such a haunting story. i held my breath when he (?) said hello.

Bobby said...

I know this feeling Anne - why indeed? I had an ex try to work her way back in my life after sleeping with my best friend behind my back. They joyously moved in together - both leaving me a wreck. They broke up and now both have returned wanting something from me.