Friday, March 20, 2009

stroking out in the dark

because of you
i augmented my
lifestyle to half light
and then no light at all
afraid to make a move
or you would find me again,
stop me, dead in my tracks,
paralyzing my movements,
wickedly twisting my words.

i am living,
and yet not,
along the post-traumatic
jaded, off-avenue side streets,
afraid of my own shadow
petrified i'll be chosen
for a repeat performance,
a victim of the statistics,
unable to say my name.

in defiance to you
i fight to regain strength
the ability to face sunlight
with an upturned face,
running as the day streams,
screaming through the locks,
unleashing every dawn,
having rested in the dark,
no more night swimming.


candy said...

Stunning piece... how well I know that defiance, how familiar that living... yet not. This really speaks to me. (As an aside, mind started off in the gutter because of the title... sorry, but I have to confess.)

Anne Cunningham said...

sweet to know you were tip-toeing all through my blog this morning! this poem is a doozy; i like your original impact thought on the title *grin*. this is an old piece from 2003 or so, and when i look at it, i can't rightly remember what it was about, and i see and "hear" different things, maybe even including what you first thought at title head! :)