Saturday, March 14, 2009

At Best

"Still Life" by the modern artist, Mani de Li .

At Best
After some time,
age-old and seemingly wise,
you begin to understand
that life is a series of
fractured experiences,
with the ongoing goal
of achieving excellent purchase,
unachievable by any means,
all the failed re-approximations
and festering wounds,
proof-positive that
too much time is being spent
on hopes broken beyond
all recognition of dreams.

... I'm working up to something here, stay tuned ...


Anonymous said...

I am staying tuned. . .

Anne Cunningham said...

sweet ...... thanks for following me. although, not exactly sure where i'm going yet. :)

candy said...

Powerful stuff here, my friend. And speaking of following... I have a t-shirt with a sheep on the front of it. Above the sheep are the words "Don't follow me", below it are the words, "I haven't got a clue." I think it's quite profound... like the hopes that get broken into so many pieces that they no longer resemble the original dream. Such is life.

Anne Cunningham said...
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Anne Cunningham said...

Excellent T ... fits the concept to a T!