Saturday, January 17, 2009

Widow's Peak

Widow’s Peak

I have known my share of widows in this life,
and I fear, although not greatly so,
the same such fate, and yet embrace it,
because oh what widows I have seen,
the lovers who have lost it true,
only to go it alone, in the long run,
in this crazy life where everyone else
hits the ground, slap-happy-silly
alongside their own misfit boy toy.
And these widows watched,
not overcome by loss,
but bathed by an unseen love,
a true and honored affection,
a respect for what was
still live in their hearts,
up and onward going,
long days into lone nights,
and I rarely saw their tears,
unless decorating the stories
of what was had and still held,
yet I wonder after them,
or am I crying out for me,
why not more time,
why close seconds,
or too late at best
why not forever?
Mrs. Gustav Mahler, Widow of Composer, Raptly Listening to His "Resurrection Symphony" ..........Artist: Alfred Eisenstaedt

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