Thursday, January 1, 2009

What it is and What it Isn't

Christmas isn't a season. It's a feeling. Edna Ferber

And I'm still feelin' it, so blogging has run rather thin of late.

To the left, present and accounted for, or should I say, my presents (theeeeeeeee gifts) in my life, from one of the many gatherings this year, this one occurring this past Sunday:

Let's start at the top left of the pic, near the lightswitch, in the white sweater, we have Rebekah Lynn, 23, Bekah-Boo!; moving counterclockwise on my lap in the red Christmas sweater, Ruth Madora, just turned 7 my eldest grandgirl; on the floor in the pink sweater, Scarlet Rae, who just turned 6, second grandgirl, and the other night I watched "The Piano," and oh, my gosh, I've seen the movie before, but long before there was a Rae-Rae, and the little actress in that movie might have been Rae-Rae!!!! (spooky cool); Rae is sitting on my youngest daughter's lap, and that would be Alice Jean, 15, the only kid left at home, our goof, our creative soul, our goof!!!!!, and above her on her older sister's lap is Lilith Skye, who just turned 4 yesterday (don't get me started, because three is such a fantastic age, it was sad to see them all pass past the three-year old stage! Really, seriously, enormously wonderful to watch the grandgirls go from tod-hood to little girlhood, after having watched my own girls)and she is sitting on my oldest daughter's lap, her mommy and mommy to all the little girls, my eldest daughter, Carol Anne, 25, yeah, 26 years ago, this May!!! That's when the whole big family circle started!!!

Amazing ...
and then if you look smack dab in the middle of the pic of all these amazing girls, and some gone women, there's the matriarch, the goofy lady in the red sweater, that's me, and I couldn't be more blessed!

Seriously, pinch me why don't you, because this is just damn dreamy!

This picture especially was wonderful because we wanted a shot of all of us, just like we try for every year, and instead of posing us all which takes forever because our numbers are in the up-climb, I threw the camera at Mark. At that time, only Alice and I were on the "big couch" and then it was "pile on Mom," and Mark snapped pictures the entire time, and out of it we got the most amazing shots, this being our favorite.

Like I said, all present and acounted for. All gifts, supreme. Forever, I beam.

Hope everyone had a great, happy, glorious yummy holiday yet, and it ain't over until it's over, I will tell you that!

Peace out.


Jennifer said...

That's a great picture. All that girl and woman power!

I'm catching up on my blogs after the long time of family visits (followed up by illness). I hope you have a peaceful and joyous new year and I'm so looking forward to reading more here.

Anne Cunningham said...

Yeah, I want to do that whole blog "catch up" thing too. I wish the same for you this season, and I look forward to catching up and reading more of your work. I loved your holiday pics with your son, and the food shots! Yeah, I need to come Berkeley way! Happy New Year!

ssgreylord said...

there's nothing better to ask for than a healthy, happy family... what a beautiful one you have.

wishing you more of these days in 2009.