Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kind of Tagged and made myself be it!

This was on Candy Tothill's blog. She's the one who essentially "tagged and cajoled" me to start this blog. So of course, it would only make sense that I would "steal" the prompts from a piece she wrote called "I Realise."

So, I again have Candy to thank. Her piece was remarkable, made me think, and caused me to reflect on some things I "put to bed" this summer. Fall is a time of renewal for me, and I've been looking forward to that. However, closing off summer and putting white linens over the furniture in the summer house, is always good. Anything leftover will keep until I open those doors again.

Thanks a bunch for the prompt, Candy. And you can find her "I've Come to Realise" here

I've come to realize:

Beauty is ... a bitch of a beast.
I’ll never stop ... holding on to “stuff,” pent up stuff, am working on consolidating.
Laughter is ... the cure.
Crying is ... the other cure.
My bra size ... fluctuates.
My job is ... the bomb!
When I’m driving ... I should stop doing the other –ing, word … speeding.
I need ... a manicure.
I have lost ... my will to un-live … well, almost.
I hate it when I trip or run into things.
Drinking is ... another sort of cure.
Money ... cures nothing.
Certain people ... think they are the cure, but ultimately make you sick inside yourself.
I will always ... love hard, and at all costs. Money means, nothing, remember.
Honesty is ... brutal; brutal honesty doesn’t have to be bad.
My mom ... married my dad.
When I woke up this morning ... I was in my own bed.
Last night before I went to sleep ... I thought back a few dark nights.
Right now ... I’m thinking about a letter I need to write.
My dad is ... waiting for that letter.
Today ... is, and should not be lived as if.

Tonight ... I hope I finally have time to cut wildflowers under the last of the moon.
Tomorrow ... holds promise.
I really want ... to find the right words.
Keeping quiet ... is too easy.
Life is ... easier with Fritos and diet Pepsi.
This weekend ... spells s-o-l-i-t-u-d-e.
My friends hate ... when my weekends spell solitude.
This year ... dunno, can it be my year?!!?!?
My exes are ... a part of the “me” I have left behind, though "she" catches up to me sometimes.
Maybe I should ... quit staying up so late.
I love ... staying up late.
I don’t understand ... 1962-1980, but thrive in spite of this.
My past is ... part of the day before yesterday and the day before that.
Parties are ... okay unless I’m in “solitude mode,” and in that case I’m a f’ing faker!
I’m terrified ... that people know when I’m faking it [at parties].
Photographs ... mark my words and are my words when my words fail.
My life is ... not over yet.

Again, thank you Candy!


blynd_poet said...

Loved it.

candy said...

Thank YOU my lovely faraway friend. I'm glad you liked these... and that you found use for them too. Your life is an inspiration. Don't ever forget that. Big love from all the way over here. xx

candy said...

oh, and i lmao at 'beauty is a bitch of a beast'... still am laughing actually...