Monday, June 29, 2009

infinite margins

infinite margins

hell bent
side lying
hanging back
lost in the shadows
flowers turn to seed

the grass
lies anemic
either side
of this long yard
both sides cry for rain

i long
to scale
waylaid dreams
marking the way
grace lives at water’s edge

in tears
on cleanse
i fully erase
who I was then
forever free of fencerows

i preferred no puctuation and fence-rowed (starting out small and elongating)formatting for this one. this is part of a picture-to-word challenge i'm doing with gary gebert/blynd-poet and perhaps one other blogger if he takes the dare. the picture for this one by G. Gebert, my words to follow, to which he and the "other" blogger will follow .... first dare, was my pic/followed by everyone's words ... and so on and so forth ...


Gerry Boyd said...

Nice the way it is. Bravo!

koe said...

Anne - I like this quite a bit. The title - infinite margins - is awesome in and of itself. The collaboration technique seems like it will be interesting too. I'll see if I can follow the threads through other blogs, lost in the shadows, free of fencerows. Excellent!

blynd_poet said...

I can't write after this...



Anne Cunningham said...

Thanks Gerry and Koe, and thanks for reading. And Gary, there is no passing this "go," you goof! Go check it out too, Kerry wrote a piece for the fence picture, and dude had a rhyming scheme all the way through. And then, my dear, it's your turn! Thanks for the messages yesterday; really cheered up one of my harder days this week. Get to the fence now!