Monday, February 8, 2010

here we are now, yesterday no more …

there is no such thing as time
and the small change that comes to us
not by pony express
or snail mail across the sands
but real time, real quick
as technology seizes us
with the emailed words
ten years ago, it was
and then some--
as i try to catch
our collective breath,
everything that is and has
become of me,
what might have been
an “us” and yet …
scrawled across the pages
of every journal ever written,
least ways and most ways
by me, by my hand, my pen
my heart …
i can’t find the beginnings,
and want to try and figure out
where we started, but in actual words
i spent little time remembering
when it all began
versus when it ended for sure
until you say, remember …
and i am at a loss
for words.

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