Friday, January 1, 2010

Save a Deer, Ride Your Inner Cowboy

*Write things down!*
“Statistics show that 75% of what we write down happens.” I read this and some other pretty interesting and resonating “stuff” on this morning. And I tend to agree wholeheartedly! I keep endless lists, and 75% of what goes on those lists does get accomplished. The 25% that does not get accomplished was either not important enough, or blocked by some feeling (inner critic) that it was not important enough, otherwise it obviously would have been moved up on the list, or kept on the list until it was completed. This can be as simple as “buy eggs” versus “submit this or that piece of writing.” There are some days I don’t think it’s important enough to scramble an egg for myself and/or feed my soul. On those days, I will only accomplish 25% of what I initially set out to do, all because of how I was thinking or feeling that day, and dependent on what I thought or felt was “really important” on that ongoing “to do” list.

I think I make New Year’s Resolutions just like the next guy, whether I write them down, toss them out at a party on the eve, or lament them later in the year as “oh, it was dumb to think or say that again, now wasn’t it?!!??!” Nothing on the list is lame or stupid, if it keeps appearing on the list. If it keeps itself on the list, it’s obviously important to a person’s wellbeing. And a person’s “well being” does flow out and affect others. If you are not “well” at the core, it shows. It colors everything you do and it affects the people around you. Really, check that list, I bet I’m right. The thing you said was “stupid to aim for” is probably the thing you will put right back on the list for the next year, and damn it if you won’t shoot for it again until you get it.

Another thing I read on this same website, “Exercise your ‘want muscle’ … something you would really, really like to achieve for your ‘self.’” When I read that it totally hit a sore spot I’ve been having. I have always WANTED to move a certain resolution up on the list this last many years, but I’m always too shy to do it. I always feel “as if” it would be selfish to do so. But this year it’s going on the list. *Be more selfish. Want things. It’s not illegal.*

And how about this one “when you visualize, your brain ‘practices’ your actions.” *Day dream, night dream … wait make that day practice, night practice!* Seriously, try it! Get up every day and go to bed every night “as if” you are already there!!!! …wherever “there” is for you as far as goals and such. Don’t wake up every morning “not quite there yet” or go to bed every night with that “almost got there today” feeling. Just get up and “be” and act “as if” and pretty soon, you just “are!” It takes real practice to be what you feel would be the “absolute perfect!”

“The difference between a goal and a dream is a deadline.” This has got to be one of my favorites. Deadlines rock! How often do you hear someone say, “I got it in just under the deadline, but I did it!” or, “Oh my aching ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, I save everything to the very last minute and somehow it all works out, but I did it!” Seriously, deadlines mean something when you set a goal! Goals and deadlines carry some weight. Dreams are kind of flighty, fluffy and elusive. So another one for me this year is

*Deadline big!* instead of “Dream big.” You will stay up all night and kick ass all day to meet a deadline. Name the last time you did that chasing a dream.

And the ever-popular, “Fake it 'Till You Make it” which I will refer to what I said earlier as *live every day “as if” it totally is the bomb already!*

And as far as the photo … it’s in keeping with “when life gives you lemons, make a batch of vodka lemonades!” And we all know that is what happens sometimes with these “pesky” resolutions. They get trampled and sometimes revamped into an entirely different mixed drink, but they still get done, right?!?!?!?!? The important 75% of things that you write down, or resolve to firmly, will happen in some shape or form, I’m totally betting you!

The horse above, was not initially a horse. It was a "doe a deer, a female deer," who had been drinking at the shoreline at Terre Andre State Park, Lake Michigan. We (a “we” of yester year) had walked very close to it before it “startled” and ran off. We didn’t get a picture, shucky of all darns! But when I looked down in the sand, I saw the deep tracks from where she dug in and ran, fast … disappearing into the dunes. The very concerted, dug-in hoofy marks totally became a horse’s perked ears in my mind, so I drew the same in the sand! I’m no longer a part of the “we” of that day, and the deer itself was fleeting as well. The horse! Years later, damn if I don’t still have the picture! The deer, and the “we” of yesteryear, I couldn’t even tell you what they “really” looked like, but this horse, rocks on!

And we all know I love the adage, "30 days and it's a habit!"

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